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The mini engraver is super popular in stamps and crafts engraving and cutting for its high speed movement and accuracy.
This is a CO2 laser marker with RF metal tube, which is different to common glass one in RF tube is refillable, but glass one is disposable. Also in glass tube lifetime is about 4 months, RF metal tube has at least 4 years after one time filling.RF tube marker is more power than glass tube, and the beam is more thinner, so it is widely used in jeans engraving and crafts production.
Fiber laser cutting machine for metal sheet with Raycus of IPG laser source from 500W to 2000W.
1, It's customized for various types fabric materials'cutting for embroidery,sportswear,printing insoles,shoes,etc.2, It's good to cut any shapes without fringe and sew edge automatically. 3,Converyor working table with negative pressure adsorption function can cut long size fabric continuously and to impress you, thus the fabrics still kept flatly and smoothly. 4,The following-up fume extractor system is going with laser head to save power consumption and good fume chasing effect.5, DSP control system support online and offline data transferring.6, Built up a data base in computer to save space room for the cutting workshop
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