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Characteristics:We design this machine with top exhaust fan to meet the demand of environmental protection and regulation. At the same time this machine makes a substantial increase in production efficiency with its 4 laser heads.Details of machine:
Equipped with Cannon high resolution camera, HIWIN guild and slider, this machine is widely used in printed garment fabrics with large, separated and closed designs. Because of small size worktable on this model, it is especially popular in embroidery logo and lace cutting.
Based on 3015 fiber laser cutting machine and Co2 laser cutting machine, Taishun Laser researched this new machine for advertisement industry. It's possible for this machine to cut acrylic from 1mm-30mm, ss from 0.2mm-2.5mm.
TSL-9060 is able to engrave and cut various non-metal materials.It's features are fast working speed,easy to use,low cost,reliable engraving/cutting effects,and burr-free cut edges.Engraving depth can be adjusted with high precision
We equipped this machine with up and dow wotk table, so that it can cut and engrave perfectly on materials which is even thicker than 100mm and not plain. No need to change lens and nozzle at all for different kind of materials.
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