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Fiber laser marking machine for metal items

Date of listing: 2018-07-04


Fiber laser marking machine for metal items

Laser marking advantage:

1 Good quality laser beam,USB control,,optical broad beam focusing System and high speed galvo scanner,stable performance,long life expentancy,free of maintanenc

2 Widely used in the field of IC electronics,medical,good,crafts,leather and plastic products,etc

3It can be usely separately or linked with other machine in the work flow line

4The marking affect and speed fit very well with the bulk production which need high work speed,good quality

5The vector marking software support Autocad photoshop,etc. Powerful system is easy to operate

6 Permanent logo/number is as well beautiful for eye sight

7 Air cooling system,save power consumption    

8 The laser repeat frequency is high and no deformation

Desktop Bearing Pump Hardware Laser Marking Machine

Applied tips:

1, Marking content: any text or icon in English, Arabia digital, serial number, VIN number, two-dimensional code, logos, etc.;

2, Character arrangement: horizontal, inclined, arc, arbitrary permutation;

3, Any optional font;

4, The character size, spacing can be adjusted freely;

5, Applicable materials: metal, hard alloy, ceramic, plastic etc.

6,Support flying laser marking 

Port:Wuhan/ Shanghai

Production Capacity:100/Month

Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Paypal

Laser Visibility:Visible

Cooling System:Air Cooling

Technical Class:Fiber Laser Marking

Laser Wavelength:Fiber Laser

Laser Classification:Solid Laser

Type:Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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