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100W RF marking machine for jeans and crafts

Date of listing: 2018-09-27

(1)Imported CO2 laser source,galvo scanner fast scanning speed 7000mm/s.
(2) Applied for glasses,garments,wooden instruments,crafts and packing
(3) Closed laser route make sure the stable running process 
(4) Easy to operate,enabling text,symbols,images,barcode,two-dimensional code
(5) Appled for most of the non-metal material such as acrylic,wood,fabric,cloth,paper,glass

100W RF marking machine for jeans and crafts

Technical parameters:
1, marking speed: max 7000mm/s adjustable;
2, marking depth: 0.01mm ~ 0.3mm, as materials;
3, the minimum line width: 0.012mm;
4, the minimum character: 0.15mm;
5, repeat accuracy: 0.003mm
6, laser power:100W

Repairment tips:

Line#Problems arisedRoot causeSolving method
1No singal for power lightThe power is offOpen the power button
The power line isn't connectedConnect the power line
The power is broken downChange a new power indicator
2No singal for the laser lightThe laser light is broken downChange a new power indicator
3laser light is ONThe lens head is coveredtake off the lens head
No laser beamThe power rate is too lowenhance the power rate
5Laser light is off

No laser beamno connection to the singal linere-connect the singal line
6Laser light is OKlaser light is brokenChange a new one
Laser light is Offlaser light is loose weldweld the laser light
7The etch is uneventhe workpiece is not in the field lens surfacePut the workpiece on the field lens 
8Some are clear but some are not for the texts,imagesMarking surface is not paralleled with the field lensadjust the workpiece

Q1.What's the guarantee for the product quality?
We offer one-year free maintenance services for our customers. Generally speaking, our technician will figure out what the cause may be one the problems arise according to clients' feedback. Fault parts with the valid period will be replaced for free except for consumable parts.
Q2. Is it easy to operate for the new user ?
A: It is very easy ,we offer you operating manual in English ,also our technician can help you via MSN ,Skype or other instant communication tools.
Q3. What i need to do when the machine suffer trouble? 
A: Make sure all the wires be connection well ,and keep your lens and mirrors be clean ,then check your laser tube and talk details to us.
Q4. How to maintain the machine?
A: After 3 hours working, it's better close 10 minutes.
B, Keep lens and mirrors clean.
C, The water for laser tube should keep clean and lower temperature, in winter you need input antifreeze.
Q5 .How about the life-span of the laser tube ?
A: If you operate the machine rightly, it can reach to 1500 or 3000hours.(RECI laser tube can max to 10000hours),It depends on your usage
For example, if it works 8 hours per day, the detailed data as follows:
1, If you set the power at 20%-30% of the total power, the service life is about 1-2years
2, If you set the power at 40-50% of the total power, the service life is about 1 year
3, If you set the power at 70%-80% of the total power, the service life is about 6-8 months
Q6: How can I know the power of the laser tube has been exhausted?
A: you can check the color of the laser beam ,new and strong laser tube is purple when working, otherwise it will be white color.
Q7:Is it better to increase blow system to improve laser processing performance?
A: It works for some kind materials,it can stop firing
Q8: How long time does it take for a learning of the laser machine operation ?
A: If you are able to use some basic graphic design software, it will only take a few hours to master the operation, You just need to do some simple tests on different processing materials to learn how to adjust the speed and laser power.
Q9: Is it harmful to human body when in operation ?
A: It is not harmful, as long as the laser don't direct shoot the skin and eyes.
Q10: Does it need to be connected by a laptop or computer ?
A: Yes, either is ok, It supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Win 7 and other operating systems.
Q11:How to distinguish laser tubes with different powers and applications?
A: 1. Laser tube length(relatively speaking, the longer, the bigger/stronger)
2. Laser tube diameter(relatively speaking, the thicker,the stronger)
3.The machine with bigger laser tube can cut deeper&more quickly, also its light spot is bigger, So, it is better to choose low-power for engrave, such as 40w, 50w, or 60w and strong power for cutting.

Please let us know following informations:
1. What materials you want to mark?
2. What is the mostly used thickness and what is the maximum thickness?
3. What is the MAX dimension of your materials ?
4. Where do you want to use them for?
5. Are you an end user or retailer?
According to your above information,we'll recommend the most suitable machine to you.

After sale services:
100W RF marking machine for jeans and crafts

1.One year guarantee period for product quality.( Artificial damage is negotiable).
2.24hrs fast responses for customers' demand
3.Free training for machines installation and operation of the staff.
4.Free samples marking of customer provided.

This is a CO2 laser marker with RF metal tube, which is different to common glass one in RF tube is refillable, but glass one is disposable. Also in glass tube lifetime is about 4 months, RF metal tube has at least 4 years after one time filling.

RF tube marker is more power than glass tube, and the beam is more thinner, so it is widely used in jeans engraving and crafts production.

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